Leonhard Pfeifer makes popular furniture that is space-conscious and multifunctional

You may not know the name Leonhard Pfeifer but it is likely that you—or someone close to you—owns a piece of furniture he created.

Mr. Pfeifer is an industrial designer, one of the unsung artists who provide stores and manufacturers with the blueprints for the stock they supply. His pared down, space-conscious and multifunctional designs have been produced and carried by brands such Crate & Barrel’s CB2 and the British department store John Lewis.

Mr. Pfeifer’s most popular designs include a compact laptop desk made of oak covered in white painted panels with a pull-out section. Another is a large, hinged wooden bookcase that can be set up to conform to the available space: opened out and set against a wall, used as a room divider, folded in half to give a smaller set of deeper shelves, or placed at right angles in a corner.

“I like to think that there is a bit of handwriting to my designs,” he says, speaking from his studio in Hackney, East London. “I have always just designed things the way I want them rather than take influence from elsewhere.”

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