Gather your pennies, Los Angeles: the Vineyard Beverly Hills—an enormous Beverly Crest property named for its “private vineyard,” and not because it is entirely covered in grapevines—is being sold as a single, 157-acre, undeveloped chunk of land. The owners of the property, Noval Development, are hoping to find one incredibly wealthy buyer to take the whole thing off their hands for at least one billion dollars. “Ownership will not consider looking at any offers under 1 Billion USD,” says the website, which tells its tale: Once owned by the family of the Shah of Iran, the property was supposed to be broken into six parcels so that gigantic mansions could be built on each one. (Bo-ring.) Instead, it’s become a special events venue for philanthropy galas hosted by people like Rihanna or Manny Pacquiao, and for something called a “Helicopter Party,” which is apparently just like any other fancy fête, but instead of chintzy limos, everybody shows up in a chopper.


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