“We spend so much time talking about how most normal people can’t afford to live in Los Angeles anymore and you know what, it’s totally unfair to the dozens of abnormal people who have tons of money to piss away on in-home operating rooms and several-hundred-thousand-dollar staircases. Today is their day. With data from PropertyShark, we’ve mapped the 10 most expensive LA house sales of the first quarter of 2015, with a list of buyers and sellers largely dominated by hedge funders and guys who founded Beats Electronics, plus the man who lost a Senate race to Barack Obama in 2004 and plenty of mysterious LLCs and trusts. Because if there’s one thing super-rich people don’t want you to know, it’s literally anything about how much money they have or how they made it or how they spend it. The prices start at $21.5 million and climb to $60 million.”

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