The recently refurbished estate was listed in March (2014) with a mouth-drying $65 million price tag and both our informants told us that word on the Platinum Triangle real estate street is that the agreed upon purchase price is somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 million, an amount that includes all the furnishings. (The architecture was handled by architect Dean Larkin, as per digital marketing materials, and the day-core by Kirk Nix of KNA Design.)

“YOUR MAMA’S NOTES: It’s no secret amongst all us real estate dirt dishing property gossips that multi-billionaire casino kingpin Steven Wynn has been out with a few of L.A.’s top producing brokers on an extensive hunt for a mogul-worthy mansion in Los Angeles. Well, buckle your safety belts, butter beans, because two well-connected snitches who both operate in the highest orbits of the Platinum Triangle real estate game have tattled to Your Mama that the legally blind gambling tycoon has initiated escrow for the acquisition of the much ballyhooed and occasionally poo-pooed “Liongate” estate in Bel Air.”

Architectural purists may take issue with some or many of the choices made by the seller in its recent refurbishment and vast expansion — the square footage ballooned from just under 10,000 square feet to somewhere around 24,000 — as the original residence was designed by beloved L.A. architect Paul Williams and built in 1938 on just over 1.6 mega-prime lower East Gate Bel Air acres. Some of the neighboring estates are owned by the likes of Johnny’s third ex-wife Joanna Carson, big-time businessman Stephen Bollenbach, and hotel and mega-mansion developer Mohamed Hadid who, reality TV watchers well know, frequently pops up on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

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Listing photos and floor plans: Hilton & Hyland

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