Susan-2After graduating from Law School in 1986 Susan Smith practiced both real estate and immigration law. Although she enjoyed the practice of law, her first passion has always been in sales. Licensed as a real estate broker, in 1986 she opened a boutique firm called Susan Smith Realty and began real estate sales on the Westside.

In 2008 Susan joined Hilton and Hyland, an affiliate of Christie’s Estates where she continues to be in the top 10 agents. At the age of 9, Susan moved with her family from South Africa to Beverly Hills California. She has continued to live as well as attended schools and university in Los Angeles, CA. She together with her husband Saul are raising their own family here. As a mother of four, Susan has the stamina and enthusiasm to stay on top of her tasks. Susan has completed some of the largest record-breaking sales in Beverly Hills and Bel Air and she continues to break her own records. She has always believed that each transaction is unique and deserves her full attention. Susan believes whether you are a real estate buyer or a seller, a client needs 24/7 attention when they are making one of the biggest purchases or sales in their lifetime.

If you are looking for this kind of unparalleled attention please contact or email Susan.

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